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American Express Gift Card, sometimes referred to as Amex Gift Card for short it is one of the most well-known Amex gift cards around the world in the present. Nearly every store within the US accepts American Express Gift Card as an acceptable payment method. Therefore it is possible to say the American Express Gift Card can be just as valuable as the money itself.

About Amex Gift Card Balance

Amex Gift Card Balance check

But, the Amex gift card is not worth anything if there is no credit available and this is only avoided by checking regularly for the American Express gift card. This will spare you the anxiety and embarrassment by not having to opt to use a different payment option that might not be the best option in the event in an event of emergency.

How do you find out the balance of your American Express Gift Card balance online? This is the most important issue of the day, however, there could be more crucial questions that we are unanswered and without a solution we will not know how to check egift cards balance of the American Express Gift Card balance online.

What is An American Express Gift Card?

The American Express Gift Card is an prepaid card that is preloaded with a certain sum in money(USD). American Express Gift Cards are widely used across the US and are accepted by a variety of establishments, restaurants, and even supermarkets such as Walmart, ShopRite etc. They are available with denominations of Amex Gift card Like 25 $100, $50 $200, $500, and $250. GAP Gift Card Balance Check

In addition, American Express Gift Card can be exchanged to exchange cash, Bitcoin, or USDT. Are you amazed? Don’t be. Just visit the suitable link to convert you American Express Gift Card for bitcoin or cash within a matter of minutes. It’s simple secure, secure and provides the highest rates for gift cards.

How To Purchase American Express Gift Card Online?

American Express Gift Card Balance

The purchase of an American Express Gift Card may be the easiest thing to complete. It’s not a difficult nor complex process. Publix Gift Card Balance

  1. Go to your egift cards page at American Express’ website. American Express website.
  2. You can select the kind of gift card you want to purchase from a selection of gift cards. You can select the holiday, thank-you or a custom congrats card, based on the intention of buying your gift card.
  3. Select the design you like and then select the denomination range that best fits your budget.
  4. Select from the credit card(Mail delivery) or Amex Gift card(Email delivery)
  5. Input your card’s value(that is how much value in money the card will carry)
  6. Input the number of cards you wish to purchase.
  7. Choose the message you want the card will carry or write your own personal message on the Amex Gift Card. It could be like “Happy Birthday”.
  8. Create a gift card that will be sent to the recipient. Include your name as well as the recipient’s name as well.
  9. Choose ” Add to cart” and then pay the card with any accepted payment method, which could be the debit card.

How to check American Express Gift Card Balance Online?

This is the most simple thingto do, all you have to do is

  1. Just visit this page to access the page of the official American Express Gift Card balance checker page.
  2. Enter the card number.
  3. Enter the 4-digit security code on the top of your American Express Gift Card, and also the expiration date.
  4. The balance will appear in your display.

Why can’t my American Express user ID work on

Amex Gift Card is a separate site that has its own username and password Therefore, the American Express user ID cannot be used to sign into the website. After creating your username along with your password through You can log into the site and look up past orders that were placed on or after July 17, 2018 change your personal information, as well as create an address book to be used for future purchases.

What do I need to do in order to activate Amex Gift Card?

If the gift Card was purchased from In the majority of instances the Card can be used immediately. You may activate your Card by signing in to with your Card details or by calling the toll-free number listed on the back of your Amex Gift CardYou’ll need your Card’s number, valid through date and the security code that is located on the reverse of your card.

We recommend you to sign your personal name and address on the reverse of your Amex Gift Card and keep the following information in the event that the Gift Card gets lost or stolen the following information is needed: Gift Card number 4 digit Card Identification Code that is located on The front side of the Card and a 3-digit Card Security Code located on the reverse of the Card and Customer Service phone number.

What should I do if I lose or misplace my Gift Card is lost or taken?

If you suspect that your card has been stolen or lost If you suspect that your Card has been stolen or lost, please inform us immediately by dialing 1-888-846-4308. You will be required for your Card number and any other identification details. We will not be able to provide the replacement card without the Card number along with any other information requested. If we find that there is a balance in the card, we’ll erase the lost card and issue a new Card to you at a cost equivalent to the American Express Gift Cards balance.

How can I make use of the Amex Gift Cards to purchase items in store?

  1. Make sure you know your balance prior to shopping.Check your American Express Gift Cards balance at or call 1-888-846-4308. If you want to use your eGift Cards alongside another method of payment, let the cashier know how much you’d like to use for each type of payment.
  2. You can swipe your card and then choose Amex Gift Card Balance from the keypad.

Be aware that some merchants do not allow split payments and certain transactions require a hold 20 percent or more than the amount of purchase.

You American Express Gift Cards can also be used in stores to pay when linked to digital wallets such as Apple Pay(r), Samsung Pay as well as Google Pay.

What can I do with the American Express Gift Cards to buy on the internet?

  1. Be sure that the balance on your American Express Gift Card is higher than the total amount that you have purchased, which includes tax.
  2. Choose ‘Credit’ or “Debit for the payment method. (Do not choose ‘Gift card’).
  3. Within the payment Method section, type in the card details like you would for an ATM card or a credit card.
  4. Under the Billing Address section, you must enter your name and address.

Note: Certain transactions require a hold at least 20% of the amount of purchase.

How to transfer amex gift card balance?

1. Log into your American Express account.

2. Click on the “My Gifts” tab.

3. Locate the gift card you wish to transfer the balance from and click “Manage.”

4. Scroll down to the “Transfer Amex Gift Cards Balance” section and enter the amount you wish to transfer.

5. Click “Submit.”

Where can I use an Amex gift cards online?

An American Express Business gift cards can be used at a variety of merchants both online and offline. Some popular places where you can use an American Express Business gift cards include Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, and Target before the expiration date.

What is amex customer service number?

The Amex customer service number is 1-800-528-4800. If you have a gift card balance, you can check it by calling this number and providing the Business Gift cards number. You may also be able to view your current balance online or on your statement. If you do not have the card number, you can still inquire about the balance by providing the name on the card and the approximate date of purchase a Prepaid Gift Card.

What is American express gift card expiration date?

The American Express gift card expires on the date shown on the front of the card. This date is typically five years from the issue date. The card must be used by the expiration date or it will become void.

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